Getting Our Groove On

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Dear Friends,

How far we’ve come! When I left The Guild That Shall Remain Unnamed I never thought I’d get a ping at 4AM telling me the core of the guild had left and found refuge on a brand new discord server that soon became my new Castle Clash home until this day. I never would have thought Jim and I would actually make the decision to start a new guild (but then again, HereBeDragons being unclaimed was really too good to pass up!), or that we could actually convince everyone to actually join us. And even then, none of us thought we were going to qualify for Fortress Feud within six days. But today, as I look over the guild membership list looking for anyone who has forgotten to prepare their base for Guild Wars, it’s truly heartwarming to feel such confidence in everyone, knowing that we have come together so well as a guild, a team, a family even. Y’all are great, here’s to more greatness!



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